Jens Laugesen

London based designer, Jens Laugesen, really caught my eye last season. Prior to viewing his Spring Summer RTW collection I had never even heard of the self-named label. Admittedly it has only been around since 2003. But it is a name that has been embedded in my memory since, mainly for his amazing androgenous tuxedo looks. Sharp, tailored, sexy. So I was excited to see what Jens Laugesen would bring me this season… and I discovered winter-ized versions of last season’s tuxedo which were brilliant finds among some less impressive long flowy dresses. (not his forte in my opinion). Anyway here are some of my picks from the last two seasons: 


2 Responses to “Jens Laugesen”

  1. Miss at la Playa Says:

    I like those outfits, specially the white ones

  2. t5m Says:

    Have a look at the London Fashion Week channel on , with some great fashion coverage. We have just finished filming at London Fashion Week and have some inspiring exclusive videos on our site. We have footage of all the catwalk shows and backstage interviews with the designers. The runway shows and interviews with the celebrities are on there too.

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